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Quebec Hall needs to replace its ageing lift. The company that maintains our lift is only able to give an assurance concerning future maintenance until 2016. Trustees have therefore taken the decision to go for a replacement - this will be a larger 8 person lift (our current lift for 3 is frequently too small). It will necessitate the building of a new lift shaft to accommodate the lift and machinery. The cost of such a project is 114,000 and we shall budget for 125,000 as often such building projects come in over forecast.

The plan is to build this cost into our budget for 2016 and seek for ways in which we may be able to secure funding from Christian charities where our Christian ethos is appreciated. We are confident of meeting at least half of this cost ourselves and invite interest from fellow believers to stand with us in prayer, and where they are able, to assist. The Lord provides for His people in changing and challenging times and we know He shall provide. To this end a fund has been started and we look to His provision.

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Since 1960, Quebec Hall has been a Christian Home for retired Christians.